1932 Democratic Convention

Chicago, IL

June 27 to July 2, 1932

Nominated: Franklin D Roosevelt of New York for President

Nominated: John Nance Gardner of Texas for Vice President

The convention opened with the majority of delegated pledged to Franklin Roosevelt. He had won most of the primaries he faced against Al Smith who he had replaced as Governor.. There was however significant opposition to Roosevelt among those who believed that he was too liberal. On the first ballot Roosevelt received 666 1/4 votes 102 less then the two thirds needed for the nomination. Two more ballots were held the same night but to no avail and Roosevelt still could not muster the two thirds needed. Overnight Roosevelt supporters succeeded in convincing both the California and Texas delegations to support Roosevelt. The next day William McAdoo the head of the California delegation rose and stated:" California came her to choose the next President of the United States. She did not come here to deadlock this convention or engage in another disastrous contest like that of 1924". With that he announced that California would support Roosevelt. Roosevelt ended up with 945 of the conventions delegates. Roosevelt broke previous traditions and flew to Chicago to accept the parties nomination.