1924 Democratic Convention

New York, NY

June 24 to July 9, 1924

Nominated: John W Davis of New York for President

Nominated: Charles W Bryan of Nebraska for Vice President

The democratic Convention of the 1924 revealed a party severely split on a number of important areas. The largest one were the Klu Klux Clan and Prohibition. Eastern and Urban voters strongly opposed the Klan while Southern/ Westerners and rural voters either supported them or were silent. The opponents to the Klan attempted to have the convention pass a resolution condemning the Clan but if failed by one vote. The nominees be considered, also reflected these splits. Governor Al Smith of New York was the clear choice of the Eastern urban voters while William McAdoo who supported Prohibition was a favorite of the West. Mcadoo was hurt by be indirectly tied to the scandals of the Harding Administration while Smith Catholicism was seen as a major impediment to the nomination. The convention which was being broadcast live on national radio was deadlocked between the two contestants. Through nine long days and 103 ballots the democrats fought on. By then the Congress selected John Davis a Wall Street lawyer to be the parties standard bearer.