1848 Democratic Convention

Baltimore, Maryland

May 22 to 25, 1848

Nominated: Lewis Cass, of Michigan for President

Nominated: William O Butler of Kentucky for Vice President

When the Democrats gathered in Baltimore they were divided into three distinct groups. One group led by former President Van Buren were totally opposed to slavery. The second group led by Senator Calhoun were opposed to anything that would diminsh slavery in the United States. The third group was led by Lewis Cass and he champoined the idea of popular sovereignty- that the new terroritories should be free to determine whether they were to be free or slave states. Cass being the compromise candidate between two extremes won the nomination on the fourth ballot. He won 179 out of the 254 able to vote. Van Buren and his supporters were not willing to accept the outcome and they left the party to found a new party the Free Soil Party,