1812 Election Results Madison vS Clinton

The election of 1812 was the first wartime election of a President. It began a tradition that has continued in reelecting wartime Presidents. The war had started a month after Madison was renominated. While the war was mostly popular, there were many who either opposed the war or, opposed how it was being prosecuted.

Dewitt Clinton of New York was selected to run against Madison by the Federalist. He hoped to defeat Madison by both attacking both for getting the United States into war at the same time for not fighting it vigorously enough. Clinton also hoped to win the support of those wishing someone other than a Virginian be President. Former President Adams was so disgusted by what he thought was a two-faced campaign by the Federalist that he established a committee in his home town of Quincy- Federalist for Madison. The results of the election showed that whatever qualms country might have had about the prosecution of the war they were not willing to change leaders in the middle of a war. Madison was reelected by a comfortable majority.

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