1804 Election Results Jefferson vS Pickney

1804 marked the first time there was a nominating caucus for President. One hundred Republican Congressmen met and nominated Jefferson, by a vote of acclamation. The Federalist Party nominated Charles Pickney for President and Rufus King to be Vice President. The Federalists attacked President Jefferson on several points; claiming the Louisiana Purchase as unconstitutional. The Federalists also attacked Jefferson’s defense policies. They further claimed Jefferson had children with Sally Heming, a slave of his at Monticello. These attacks were not effective. Jefferson was immensely popular. His first term had been peaceful, and the Louisiana Purchase was popular. Besides, the Federalists were discredited by radical elements in their party. The final results of the election even surprised Jefferson supporters. Jefferson won an overwhelming victory winning, gaining 162 electoral votes to Pinckney’s 14 electoral votes.

State results in 1804