Religion in Egypt


The Egyptians like most early civilizations believed in polytheism- many gods. One of the most important gods was the sun god. In human form he was worshipped as Atum. He could also take on the form of a scarab beetle. One o the most important Egyptians gods was Osiris the god of the dead. Under an Egyptian myth there was a struggle between Osiris who brought civilization to Egypt and his borther Seth who was evil. Seth killed him. Osiris was found by his wife Iris and with the help of the other gods was resurrected. He thus became the god fo the dead. It was beleived that as long as body of the dead could be preserved they would live in an afterlife. thus began the practice of building pyramids for the dead kings and mumifying the bodies. It was hoped by creating the pyramids and filling them with treasures the Egyptian society would continue to benifit from the good will and deceased king after death.