World History 900-1000 AD

Five Dynasties, Treaty Of St. Clair-sur-Epte, Koryo Dynasty, Ahmad Ibn Buwayh Caliph, Otto I Defeats Magyars, Sung Dynasty, The Ghaznavids, Otto I Emperor, The Peace of God, Kingdom Of Ghana Defeats Saharan Berbers

907 AD Five Dynasties Begin- The period between 907-959 was known as the period of Five Dynsties. During this period imperial control was largely limited to the Yellow River Basin.
911 AD The Treaty Of St. Clair-sur-Epte- In 911 A.D., the Treaty of St. Clair-sur-Epte was signed. Under the terms of the treaty, the Kingdom of Normandy was established, Rollo the Viking became the first ruler, and he converted to Christianity.
935 AD Koryo Dynasty Founded- The Koryo Dynasty was founded in 935 by Wang Kon who had united Korea. The Koryo Dynasty established a strong central government as well as a civil service. This dynasty remained in power until 1392.
945 AD Ahmad Ibn Buwayh Caliph - A member of a Persian clan, Ahmad ibn Buwah entered Baghdad unopposed. He declared himself to be the new caliph. This begins the Buwayhid Dynasty that is to rule for 100 years.
955 AD Otto I The Great Defeats Magyars Otto the Great defeated the Magyars in 955 A.D. at the Battle of Lechfeld. This ended 50 years of Magyar raids on Western Europe.
960 AD Sung Dynasty Founded- The Sung Dynasty was founded by Kao Tsu. During his lifetime, Kao Tsu managed to reunite much of China. The Sung Dynasty is considered to mark the advent of modernity in China. It was period known for progressive social policies, as well as a productive period for art, poetry and philosophy.
962 - 1886 AD The Ghaznavids- The Ghaznavids dynasty was founded by Subaktagin, a Turkish slave who converted to Islam. The dynasty established itself in what is now known as Afghanistan. The leader of the Ghaznavids on the death of his father became Mahmud of Ghanzni. A fervent Muslim, he expanded his rule to include most of Northern India.
962 AD Otto I Emperor Of Rome- Otto the Great was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII. Otto ended the anarchy in Rome by soon appointing his own Pope. He revived the power of the Western Roman Empire.
989 AD The Peace of God - The Peace of God was passed at the Council of Charroux. It was supported by Hugh Capet, King of France. The Peace of God attempted to reduce feudal warfare by limiting private wars to certain parts of the year, and by providing protection for noncombatants. The Peace used to the power of excommunication to enforce its stipulations.
990 AD Kingdom Of Ghana Defeats Saharan Berbers- The Kingdom of Ghana defeated the Saharan Berber tribes of Lemtuna in 990. The Ghanians captured Audaghost, the Berber capital.