World History 800-900 AD

Charlemagne- Emperor Of The West, Angkor Period, Mamun The Great, Treaty Of Verdun, Algebra Invented, Wu-Tsung Persecutes Buddhists, Danish Viking Sack London, Rurik Lead Viking Raids, Fujiwara Period, Macedonian Dynasty, Harold I King Of Norway, Alfred Great Victory Over Danes


800 AD Charlemagne- Emperor Of The West- Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the West by Pope Leo III on December 25th -- Christmas Day -- in St. Peters Church. Pope Leo allowed Charlemagne to clear himself of a series of charges. The coronation of Charlemagne represented an irrevocable breach between Constantinople and Rome.
802 AD Angkor Period- The Angor Period began in 802, when Jayavarman II established his capital at Angor. Jayavarman united all of Cambodia, and achieved independence from Java.
813 - 833 AD Mamun The Great- The caliphate reached its most glorious period under the rule of Mamun the Great. A house of knowledge was set up in Baghdad. There the great Greek and Roman works of antiquity were translated into Arabic.
843 AD Treaty Of Verdun - Under the Treaty of Verdun, the Carolingian Kingdom of the Franks was divided into three parts. Louis II ruled the Frankish Kingdom east of the Rhine. Lothair I ruled northern Italy, part of France and Belgium; and Charles II (the Bald) ruled the western Frankish Empire, consisting of most of today's France.
820 AD Algebra Invented The Arabic scholar al-Khwarizmi set forth the branch of Alegebra. Al Khwarizmi derived his works from Hindu works as well as other earlier works.
845 AD Wu-Tsung Persecutes Buddhists- During the reign of the Taoist Wu Tsung, other religions were persecuted. The Buddhists were among the persecuted, but had become so integral a part of China that the religion survived the persecution.
851 AD Danish Viking Sack London- Danish vikings sailed up the Thames in 851 A.D. They sacked London and Canterbury but were defeated at Ockley by the King of the West Saxons.
860 ADKhazar Kings Convert to Judaism- The Khazar kings convert to Judaism. A Jewish dynasty of kings presides over the Khazar kingdom until the 960s.
862 AD Rurik Lead Viking Raids- Found Russia- The Viking chieftain, Rurik, led raids on Northern Russia. It is believed that in 862, he and his band called Varangians were invited to Novogrod to bring order to the area. This is said to mark the beginning of the Imperial Russian Period.
866 - 1160 AD Fujiwara Period- The Fujiwara period began in Japan in 866. Fujiwaa Mototsune became the first civilian dictator. During this period important works of classic Japanese literature and art were produced.
867 AD Basil Founds Macedonian Dynasty- Basil had his co-emperor Michael III murdered to become the sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire. Basil founded what became known as the Macedonian Dynasty which would last until 1076. This is considered the Golden Age of the Byzantines.
872 AD Harold I King Of Norway- Harold I was responsible for the creation of modern Norway by deposing many of the petty chieftains to unify the country.
878 AD Alfred Great Victory Over Danes- Alfred the Great won a major victory over the Danes in the Battle of Edington in Southern England. As a result of this battle, the Treaty of Wedmore was signed between Arthur and the Danes. it divided England into Northern and Southern sectors with London falling in Alfred's Southern region.