World History 5500 - 3000 B.C.

Egyptians Weave Flax Into Fabric, Horses Domesticated, Phonetic Alphabet, Bronze Made, Paper Made Of Papyrus Reed, Hieroglyphic Writing, Sumerian Civilization, First Medical Treatise, First Chariots, Egypt's First Dynasty

5500 BC Egyptians Weave Flax Into Fabric - Flax threads were woven together to create fabric for the first time in Egypt in 5500.
4400 BC Horses Domesticated - 4400 BC is the first time there is evidence of the domestication of horses. The domestication of horses provided an important new power of transportation and a new means of conducting warfare.
3500 BC Sumerians Develop A Phonetic Alphabet - The Sumerians were the first group to develop a written alphabet. Archeologists have discovered thousands of clay tablets with Sumerian writing cauneform on them. Most of the surviving records are of business transactions.
The Sumerian writing evolved from an alphabet that was primarly pictographic( picture images) to one that became phonetic.
3500 BC Bronze Made -About 3500 Bronze was made for the first time. Copper was combined with tin, which created
a new metal that could be used in many tools.
3250 BC Paper Made Of Papyrus Reed - The first known paper was produced in Egypt. The central pulp of papyrus reed was split, dried and glued together.
3200 BC Hieroglyphic Writing - The Egyptians developed a system of writing known as Hieroglyphics in 3200 BC. Hieroglyphics told the storys with pictographs.
3200 BC Sumerian Civilization Begins- Around 3200 BC, a system of city-states developed along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. The Sumerians developed a loose confederation of the city-states. The states often fought against one another.
3050 BC First Medical Treatise - The oldest known medical text has been dated to about 3050 BC. It is known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus.
3000 BC First Chariots - The first known use of wheels took place in Sumer by 3000 BC. The wheels were made of wood and were very heavy. They were used both for transport and on early chariots.
3000 BC Egypt's First Dynasty - King Menes founded the first dynasty of Egypt. Menes united Egypt into a single Kingdom, bringing together what had been, until then, two separate Kingdoms: the Lower and the Upper. Menes built a new capital for Egypt at Memphis, in the lower Nile delta