World History 1992- 1993


Civil War in Former Yugoslavia,Kim Young Sam,Security Council Votes Sanctions on Libya,El Salvador Signs Peace Agreement,Rodney King Attack,Israel And PLO Reach Accord,Marines Killed in Somalia,Terrorists Attack World Trade Center,Confrontation in Waco

1992 Civil War Begins in Former Yugoslavia Civil war broke out in Yugoslavia. As the Communist regime fell, Yugoslavia was divided up into Serbia, Bosnia-Hergezovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia. Fighting soon broke out inside these areas, as Serbs attempted to gain control of the entire territory. The Serbs instituted a policy of "ethnic" cleansing, whose goal was to force non-Serbs out of all areas that the Serbs conquered.
1992 Kim Young Sam A former dissident, Kim Young Sam, became the first non-military candidate to be elected President of South Korea. He was replaced in 1998 by Kim Dae Jung, who spent many years imprisoned by the previous regime.
1992 Security Council Votes Sanctions on Libya The UN Security Council voted to impose sanctions on Libya for not surrendering two suspects in the bombing of a Pan Am flight over Scotland. All flights to Libya were banned, as well as sale of all munitions.
1992 El Salvador Signs Peace Agreement with Guerillas The guerrilla movement and the El Salvador government signed an agreement, ending the 13-year civil war.


1992 Police officers found "Not Guilty" of attack of Rodney King When an all-white jury found the police officers who had beaten (African-American) Rodney King "not guilty," riots broke out in Los Angeles. In the course of the riots, 50 people died.
1993 Terrorists Attack World Trade Center In February, a powerful bomb exploded in the World Trade Center in New York. The explosion killed 7 and injured 1,000. The bombers were fundamental Muslims.
1993 Confrontation in Waco On April 19, 1993, the ATF launched an assualt on the headquarters of David Koresh in Waco, Texas. Koresh ordered his disciples to kill themselves and set the compound on fire. Eighty-six people died.
1993 Israel And PLO Reach Accord Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization reached an accord on an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho. This interim agreement called for further negotiations on the status of the rest of the West Bank. The tentative agreement was signed in Washington on September 13; the full accord was signed in Cairo in May 1994.
1993 Marines Killed in Somalia Eighteen American soldiers, members of the United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, were killed in a 15-hour gun battle with Somali rebels in Mogadishu between October 3 and 4. The U.N. troops were sent into Somalia to maintain order in the face of civil unrest that was causing wide-spread famine and interfering with international aid relief. As a result of the incident, the US Congress put pressure on the administration to withdraw American troops. On October 7, President Clinton announced a March deadline for the withdrawal of most US troops in Somalia.