World History 1928- 1929


Five Year Plan in Soviet Union, Warlord Era Ends, Kellogg-Brand Pact, Women To Fly Across Atlantic, Amelia Earhart, Flight From San Francisco To Australia, Stalin Enforces "Forced Collectivization", Rioting in Palestine, Stock Market Crash, Settlement of Tacna Arica Question

1928 First Five Year Plan In The Soviet Union-The Soviet Union launched an ambitious five year plan for economic growth. The plan's aim was rapid industrial development. The plan was the first of many economic plans that guided the Soviet economy. The plan also reversed the New Economic Program, which had temporarily liberalized the Soviet economy.
1928 Warlord Era Ends - (6/8/28) The Chinese Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai-Shek, captured Peking. This ended their Northern Expedition, where they defeated the warlords of the North. This ended the period of warlord rule in China.
1928 Kellogg-Brand Pact -(8/27/28)The Kellogg–Briand Pact was developed to outlaw war. It started as a bilateral French–American accord, but 14 nations signed up immediately, and 62 nations eventually signed. The treaty marked the high point of idealism in the pursuit of peace.
1928 Earhart First Women To Fly Across Atlantic - (6/18/28) On June 18th, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. She flew as a passenger in an aircraft that took 24 hours and 49 minutes to make it across the Atlantic. Her pilots were Wilmer Stultz and Slim Gordon. The aircraft was a Fokker F.VIIb–3m.
1928 Flight From San Francisco To Australia -(6/9/28) On June 9th, (Australians) Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm completed a 7,316 mile flight from the United States to Australia. The flight was made via Hawaii and Fiji. The pilots were accompanied by (Americans) James Warner, as radio operator, and Harry Lyon, as navigator. They left San Francisco on May 31st. The team flew 27 hours to Honolulu, and then continued on June 3rd, bound for Fiji. After 34 hours, they arrived in Suva, Fiji. The final flight, to Australia, took 21 hours. The journey took place in a Fokker F.VIIb-3m.


1929 Stalin Enforces "Forced Collectivization" -Stalin began a policy of "forced collectivization" of farms. Small farmers were forced off their land and onto collectives. Those who refused were killed. Thousands died, and Soviet agriculture never recovered.
1929 Settlement of Tacna Arica Question -(6/3/29) In 1929, Chile and Peru settled a longstanding border dispute. Under terms of the agreement, Chile was award Arica and Peru was award Tacna. Chile held all of the territory it had taken from Bolivia, but accorded Bolivia a railway outlet to the Pacific.
1929 Rioting in Palestine - (8/31/29) In 1929, the first large-scale attacks by Arabs on Jews took place in Palestine. The attacks were initially sparked by a dispute on prayer at the Wailing Wall. The riots spread to Hebron, where 29 Jews were killed. All told, 67 were killed, and Palestine spiraled into violence.
1929 Stock Market Crash -(10/29/29) The 1920's had been years of speculation on Wall Street. This all came to an end, however, on October 29th, on what became known as "Black Tuesday." By November 13th, the stock market had lost $30 billion in its market value -- a total of 40% of its value. The stock market crash was the first event of the Great Depression.