World History 1926-1927 AD

1926 Trotsky Ousted -Stalin won his battle for control of the Soviets and, in 1926, he ousted Trotsky from the Party. Trotsky was assassinated while in exile in Mexico.
1926 Ford Trimotor Introduces - (6/11/26) The Ford Trimotor was introduced by the Ford Corporation. The plane was very similar to the Junker Transport. It was encased in corrugated aluminum. The Trimotor was powered by three 300 hp engines.
1926 Military Coup in Poland - (5/12/26) Jozef Klemens Pifsudzki, a Polish marshal, moved troops into Warsaw and forced the resignation of the Polish premier.


1927 Commercial Trans-Atlantic Radio/Telephone Service- (1/7/27) AT&T inaugurated transatlantic radio telephone service. The first call was made by AT&T's president, who uttered "Hello London."
1927 Chiang Kai-shek Breaks With Communists - (4/12/27) Chiang Kai-Shek led military campaigns in which he successfully took control of much of China. Chiang had been in control of the government since the death of Sun Yat-Sen, and had worked together with the Communists. However, in 1927, Chiang set up a separate government and turned against the Communists. Chiang was able to suppress the Communists quickly; but this marked the start of the Chinese Civil War that ended 20 years later with opposite results.
1927 Television Invented - The first public demonstration of television was given when a speech of Commerce Secretary Hoover, given in Washington, was shown simultaneously to a group of investors in New York. The medium would eventually change the world.
1927 Lindbergh Crosses The Atlantic - (5/27/27) On May 27th, Charles Lindbergh arrived in Paris, after completing the first non-stop flight between New York and Paris. The flight was 3,600 miles long, and took Lindbergh 33.5 hours. Lindbergh received a prize of $25,000 for his feat.
1927 French Cross South Atlantic - Captain Dieudonné Costes made a non-stop flight from Senegal in West Africa to Natal, Brazil with his navigator, Lieutenant Commander Le Brix. The flight lasted 18 hours.