World History 1910-1911 AD


Revolution in Portugal, Revolution in Portugal, Union of South Africa N.A.A.C.P., Tripolitan War, Revolution in Central China, German Gunboat at Agadir, Standard Oil Broken, Triangle Fire, First landing On Ship, First Coast-To-Coast US Flight,

1910 Revolution in Portugal -(10/5/10) After the assassination of a prominent Republican leader, a revolt broke out against the monarchy. The revolt was led by the Army and Navy. King Manuel II was forced to flee Portugal for England. A Republic was declared and Teofilo Braga, a noted author, was named Interim President.
1910 Japan Annexes Korea -(8/22/10) On August 22nd, Japan officially annexed Korea. It renamed the country Cho-sen. Japan continued to occupy Korea until the end of the Second World War.
1910 Union of South Africa Founded -(5/31/10) On May 31st, the Union of South Africa was established. The Union was between Transvaal, the Orange Free State, the Cape Colony and Natal. In the first elections held, the South African Party, led by Louis Botha, defeated the Unionist Party.
1910 N.A.A.C.P. Founded -(5/1/10) The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in New York, in November. The N.A.A.C.P. published the journal called "The Crisis," whose first editor ws W.E.B. Dubois. The organization was at the forefront of all the attempts by Blacks to achieve equality.


1911 Tripolitan War -(9/28/11) The Italians declared war on Turkey in September. The Italians were interested in annexing Libya, the only available land in North Africa. All of the European powers opposed the action, but none were sufficiently motivated to take any action. The Italians expected the war to be brief, but it took them over a year to achieve victory against stiff opposition.
1911 Revolution in Central China - (10/10/11) On October 10th, a revolution broke out against the Manchu government. The government was in such disarray and central power was so limited, that it did not take long for it to collapse entirely. By the end of the year, Dr. Sun Yat-sen had been elected President of China by the Revolutionary Provisional Assembly in Yanking.
1911 German Gunboat at Agadir -Morocco continued to be a source of crisis. In April, France was forced to commit substantially more forces to take control of the city of Fez. The Germans decided to challenge the increasing French dominance in Morocco by sending a gunship to a closed port, ostensibly to protect the rights of German citizens. The intervention resulted in crisis throughout Europe. The parties concerned arrived at a resolution of sorts, when the Germans agreed to acknowledge French rights to establish a protectorate in Morocco– in return for France ceding Germany a small area in the French Congo.
1911 Standard Oil Broken-(5/15/11) In the largest and most viable anti-trust case in American history to date, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey was ordered to divest itself of its 37 interlocking firms. An appeal to the Supreme Court was turned down.
1911 Triangle Fire -(3/25/11) One hundred and forty-six young female employees of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company lost their lives in a tragic fire. The fire underscored the poor working conditions in garment factories. As a result of the fire, there were far greater inspections of the safety conditions in factories.
1911 First landing On Ship -(1/18/11) Eugene Ely flew a specially-adapted Curtiss aircraft onto the deck of the USS Pennsylvania, as the ship was anchored in San Francisco Bay. The Pennsylvania deck had been custom equipped with a small landing platform and a series of ropes, which were used to stop the aircraft.
1911 First Coast-To-Coast US Flight -(11/5/11) On November 5th, thousands of people showed up in Pasadena, California, to witness the arrival of Calbraith Rodgers, after a 49-day flight across the United States. Rodgers made 69 stops along the way, and was followed by a special train carrying spare parts. He made 16 crash landings. Rodgers' trip was sponsored by the Armour Meat Packing Company to promote "Vin Fiz", a soft drink. Rodgers received $5 for each mile from Armour, for a total of $21,605.