World History 1900-1901 AD

1900 Bernhard von Bulow, German Chancellor - Bernard Von Bulow succeeded Chlodwig Karl Hohenlohe as Chancellor of Germany. Von Bulow, a Prussian politician, initiated an aggressive foreign policy that eventually led to war.
1900 Boxer Rebellion -The Boxers called themselves "I Ho Ch'uan," and their goal was the removal of foreign influence from China. At the beginning of that year, the Boxers began to attack and kill foreigners throughout China. In June, foreign troops captured the Chinese coastal port at Taku. At that point, the Boxers entered Peking and merged with the Imperial Army. The Imperial government, under the control of the Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, declared war on all foreigners. The army, together with the Boxers, laid siege to the foreign legations in Peking. The European nations, along with the United States and Japan, sent a force of 10,000 men, in an attempt to lift the siege. The force took 52 days to fight its way to Peking. On August 14th, the troops entered Peking and relieved the embattled legations.
1900 The Boer War -The Boer War was fought between Great Britain, the Boers of Transvaal (South Africa), and the nearby Orange Free State. The Boers demanded that Britain withdraw its troops, who were protecting the many British citizens who had come to the country. After achieving initial success, the Boers were defeated by reinforced British troops led by Field Marshal Frederick Marshalls.
1900 Paris Metro Opened -The first 6.25 miles of the Paris Metro was opened. The Metro grew to 157 miles.
1900 Freud Publishes -Sigmund Freud published his book "The Interpretation of Dreams."
1900 US Navy Accepts Submarine-The US Navy accepted its
first submarine, designed by John Holland.
1900 Quantum Published -Max Planck, the German physicist, published his quantum theory.
1900 First Zeppelin Developed - (7/2/00) Ferdinand von Zeppelin constructed the first dirigible. It had a speed of
14 miles per hour.


1901 Queen Victoria Dies - (1/22/01) On January 22nd, Queen Victoria died. She was 82 years old, and had ruled Great Britain and all its dominions since 1837. At her bedside was her son and successor, as well as her grandson, the Emperor of Germany.
1901 Social Revolutionary Party Founded in Russia - The party was formed mostly by students and was based on earlier Russian populist movements. Its main interest was concern for the peasants. Consequently, the party advocated nationalization of the land.
1901 Boxer Rebellion Ends - (9/7/01) On September 7, 1901, a formal agreement was signed, ending both the Boxer Rebellion and foreign intervention. Under the terms of the agreement, the Chinese were forced to destroy their forts at Taku. Foreign troops were given the task of insuring free passage to and from Peking, and China was forced to pay an indemnity of 330 million dollars.
1901 Australia Created - (1/1/01) By virtue of an act of Parliament passed in July 1900, the Commonwealth of Australia came into being. The Commonwealth was created by uniting six separate former British colonies. There was a population of 3,772,000 (not including Aborigines).
1901 Boers Begin Guerilla War - In the aftermath of the conventional military victory won by British forces, the Boers launched a guerrilla war. The British responded by taking action against the civilian population. At one point, the British acknowledged that they were holding over 100,000 people in concentration camps.
1901 McKinley Assasinated - (9/14/01) While attending the Pan American Exposition, President McKinley was shot by an anarchist. The anarchist, whose name was Leon Czolgosz, was protected by police from a mob who wished to lynch him. President McKinley died eight days later.
1901 Cuba Becomes US Protectorate - (6/12/01) Cuba had been occupied since the US victory in the Spanish-American War. On June 12th, the Cuban Constitutional Convention adopted a resolution that prohibited Cuba from entering into any agreement that would limit its independence. The amendment also stated that, if Cuban independence were threatened, the US would intervene.
1901 Mosquitos Cause Yellow Fever - The US Yellow Fever Commission presented compelling evidence that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes.
1901 Trans-Siberian Railroad Completed -The Russians completed the Trans–Siberian railroad from Moscow to Port Arthur. The railroad opened large-scale access to Siberia.