World History 1200-1000 BC

1184 BC Troy Captured- The Greeks united under the command of Agamemnon to attack Troy on Asia minor. The Trojans were besieged for a lengthy period before submitting to the Greeks.
1140 BC Second Babylonian Empire Started- After an extended period of domination by the Kassites, a native dynasty arose in Babylon. Heading the new dynasty was Nebuchadrezzar (not related to the Nebuchadnezzar who conquered Jerusalem).
1100 BC Hallstatt Culture- Iron was used for the first time in Austria. From Austria the use of iron spread throughout Europe. The first part of the Iron Age in Europe was known as the Hallstatt Period.
1027 BC Shang Dynasty Vassal Tribe, "Chou", Defeats Shang Dynasty - The tribe of Chou, under the leadership of Wu Wang defeated the Shang dynasty in 1027 BC. They established the Chou dynasty which became the longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history. The Chou continued the central administration of the Shang. They included individual principalities called 'guo', the Chinese word for states.
1090 BC Nubia Becomes Independant- With the breakup of the New Kingdom, Nubia once again become independent of Egypt. Nubia, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Kush, became a major trading center.
1090 BC New Kingdom Dissolves - The end of the New Kingdom coincided with the end of dynasty of the Ramesids. Egypt entered a long period of turmoil and foreign conflict.
1070 BC Collapse of Assyria- The Assyrian Empire collapsed under the assault of Aramaeans and Babylonians. The Assyrian Empire reasserted itself under the reign of Assurdan II.
1010 BC King Saul- Saul, the first king of the Israelites, was killed by the Philistines at the Battle of Mount Gilboa. Saul was succeeded by King David.