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Hadrian's Wall Built, Chang Heng Invents Seismograph, Bar Kochba Revol, German Tribes Invades N. Italy, Marcus Aurelius Dies, Revolt of the Yellow Turbans

122 AD Hadrian's Wall Was Built- The Roman emperor Hadrian on a visit to Britain ordered the construction of a defensive wall. The wall stretched 70 miles across Northern England.
132 AD Chang Heng Invents Seismograph- The Chinese poet and inventor developed the first seismograph. The instrument was a series of balls that fall if there is the slightest tremor.
132 AD Bar Kochba Revolt- The Jews of Jerusalem rose up in rebellion in 132 after the Romans built a temple to Jupiter on the site of the Jewish Temple. The revolt was led by Simon Bar Kokhba and Rabbi Eleazar and achieved some successes early on. The Romans were forced out of Jerusalem and most of Judea. Three years later, Roman armies under the command of Julius Severus retake Jerusalem and sack it. Bar Kokhba is killed at the village of Bethel. Under the orders of Roman Emperor Hadrian, Jerusalem is completely leveled and Jews are forbidden to live there.
167 AD German Tribes Invades Northern Italy- The German tribes crossed the Danube River and attacked the Roman Empire. They advanced as far as Aquileia in Northern Italy. The Romans under Marcus Aurelius managed to repulse the Germans in
169 A.D.
180 AD Marcus Aurelius Dies- In 180 A.D., Marcus Aurelius died and was succeeded by his son, Commodus. Commodus was the first emperor since Domitian to succeed by virtue of birth, rather than by assassination. Commodus later had two of his prefects executed. He lavished enormous wealth on himself and was strangled in 192 A.D.
184 AD Revolt of the Yellow Turbans-In 184, a rebellion broke out among the peasantry in China. The government ministers were massacred and the Han dynasty was effectively brought to an end.