Airline Disasters


1908... US Army flyer flown by Orville Wright crashes Killing Lt. Thomas Selfridge.

1909... Eugene Lefebre dies while piloting a Wright Biplane.

1910... John Moisant killed when plane crashes.

1910... Georges Chavez died in crash of plane after flying the Alps.

1912... Amy Quimby and her passenger Charles Willard are killed when they fall out of their plane.

1913... Sam Cody and his passenger killed.

1920... Two Latecoere airline planes crash.

1920... Handley Page 0/400 crashes in London killing pilot, engineer and two of six passengers.

1921... At the first crash at Le Bourget airfieldÊ five people were killed.

1921... Forty-four people were killed when the US navies new airship USN ZR-2 crashed in England.

1922... On April 7th two planes- one flying from Paris to London and other from London to Paris crashed head on six were killed

1923... Fifty-two crew members of the French airship Dixmude perish went down over the Mediterranean.

1925... Twenty-nine crew members of the airship USS Shenandoah

1928... Six Argentineans were killed when their plane crashed into Rio De Janero Bay.

1930... The British Airship R-101 blew up in France after crash landing on the way to Egypt.Ê 48 passengers and crew members were lost.

1935... Soviet ANT-20 Maxim Gorkii crashed killing 48 on board.

1937... Hindenburg Explodes on landing in Lakewood New Jersey killing 36.

1938... Stunt plane crashes into stands in Bogota Columbia, killing 53.

1944... US Bomber crashes into school in Freckelton, England, 76 are killed.

1945... US B-25 bomber crashes into Empire State Building in New York killing 14.

1947... Easter Airlines DC-4 crashes at Fort Deposit Maryland- 53 are killed.

1949... British South American Airways Tudor 4B disappears off Bermuda 40 are lost.

1950... British European Airlines Vickers Viking Crashes in Fog At Heathrow London, killing 28.

1951... Miami airlines C-46 crashed into the Elizabeth River killing 56.

1951... American Airlines Convair crashed into Elizabeth NJ killing 7 residents and 23 on plane.

1952... National Airlines DC-6 crashed in Elizabeth NJ killing 26.

1952... At the Farnborough Air Show a De Havilland DH 110 disintegrated in flight killing the pilot and 28 spectators on the ground.

1952... US Air Force transport crashes at Moses Lake, Washington 87 are killed.

1953... Canadian Pacific Airlines Comet crashes in Karachi 11 die.

1953... British Overseas Airlines Comet crashes near Calcutta India 43 killed.

1953... US Air Force plane crashes in Tokyo, 129 die.

1954... British Overseas Airlines Comet exploded in midair off the Italian coast.

1955... United Airlines DC-6B explodes and crashes 44 die.Ê A bomb was placed by passengers son to collect insurance.

1956... United Airlines DC-7 and a TWA Constellation crashed over the Grand Canyon, killing 128.

1957... Canadian DC -4 crashes near Quebec 79 die

1958... British European Airliner crashes on take off in Munich, killing 23 including 7 members of a British soccer team.

1959... American Airliner crashes into East River in NY 66 perish.

1960... Northwest Airliner crashes after midair explosion over Tell City, Indiana 63 die.

1960...Ê Midair collision of United DC-8 and TWA Constellation over Brooklyn NY results in the death of 127.

1961...Ê Boeing 707 of Sabena Airlines crashed while attempting to land 72 people died.

1961... A DC-6 operated by President Airlines crashed on take off in Shannon Ireland, 83 lost the lives.

1962... An American Airline Boeing 707 crashed into Jamaica Bay New York on take off- 95 die.

1962... British DC-7 crashes in Cameroon, 111 die.

1962... Two Air France Boeing 707 crash- The first crashes in Paris and 130 die, the second crashes in the West Indies where 113 perish.

1963... CharteredÊ DC-7 crashes off Alaska 101 perish.

1965... Easter DC 7 crashes after take off from Kennedy Airport in New York-84 die.

1965... Pakistani Boeing 707 crashes in Cairo-124 die.

1966- Indian Air Boeing 707 crashes into Mount Blanc in the French Alps; 117 are killed.

1966... British Boeing 707 crashes into Mount Fuji in Japan; 124 die.

1967... South Korean Air Force jet crashes into church dome killing 55.

1968... Boeing 707 crashes in South West Africa 123 die.

1969... DC-9 crashes in Venezuela, 155 die.

1970... Air Canada DC-8 crashed near Toronto, 109 killed.

1971... Boeing 727 and Japanese fighter collide over Morioka, Japan 162 die.

1971... Alaska Airlines B 727 crashes near Juneau Alaska, 109 die.

1972... Iberia Airlines Caravelle crashes on the island of Ibzia, 104 killed.

1972... Alitalia DC-8 crashes near Palermo Sicily 115 die.

1972... British airliner crashes on takeoff at Heathrow, 118 killed.

1972... East German Ilyshin crashed outside of Berlin, 156 die.

1972... Soviet Airliners crashes while landing in Lranaya Polyana.

1972... Spanish chartered Convair 990A crashes just after taking off from Tenerife in Canary Islands, 155 killed.

1972... United Airlines 737 crashes into houses near Midway airport, 45 die.

1972... Eastern Airlines Lockheed Tristar crashed into the Florida Everglades, 101 die.

1973... Boeing 707 crashes in Nigeria with 176 pilgrims from Mecca aboard.

1973... Boeing 707 of Varig Airlines crashes near Rio de Janeiro; 122 killed.

1974... Turkish DC-10 crashes near Paris, 364 are killed.

1974... Pan Am 707 crashes on the island of Bali Indonesia, 107 die.

1974... DC-8 en route to Mecca crashes in Sri Lanka, 191 die.

1975... Eastern Boeing 727 crashes on approach to JFK.

1975... Boeing 727 crashes in Atlas mountains of Morocco, 188 die.

1975... Czechoslovakian Airliner crashed near Damascus Syria 126 die.

1976... Turkish Airliner crashes in Southern Turkey, 155 die.

1976... Midair collision between British Trident and Yugoslavian DC-9 176 die.

1977... Pan American and KLM 747 collide and on runway 583 killed.

1977... TAP airliners crashes on landing 130 die.

1978... Indian jet liner explodes in midair 213 perish.

1978... Midair collision between Pacific Southwest 737 and a private plane, 144 die.

1978... Chartered Icelandic jet crashes at Sri Lanka; 183 die.

1978... Alitalia jet crashesÊ in sea new Palermo; 109 die.

1979... An American Airlines DC-10 crashes on take-off at Chicago's Ohare airport , 275 die.

1979... Pakistan International 707 crashes into mountains of Saudi Arabia; 156 die.

1979... Air New Zealand DC-10 crashes in Antarctica, 257 killed.

1980... Iranian Boeing 727 crashes outside Teheran, 128 due.

1980... Saudi ArabianÊ jetliner crashes.

1980... Chartered 727 carrying 138 passengers and a crew of 8 died.

1981... Midair explosion of Far Eastern Air jet over Sanyi, Taiwan; 110 die.

1981... Chartered DC-9 crashes in Morocco; 180 die.

1981... Chartered Yugoslav DC-9 smashes into Mountains of Morocco; 181 perish.

1982... Boeing 737 goes down into the Potomac River; 78 perish.

1982... Pan Am jet crashes after takeoff in Kenner, Louisiana; 153 die.

1983... Ecuadorian Airliners crashes near Cuenca Ecuador, 119 die.

1983... Soviet fighter shoots down a Korean 747 killing 269.

1983... Colombian Airlines 747 crashes near Madrid 183 die.

1985... Air India 747 crashes into the sea near Ireland 329 die.

1985... Japan Air Lines 747 crashes killing 520.

1985... Arrow Air DC-8 crashes in New Foundland, killing 256 US serviceman on board.

1986... Mexican Airliner crashes near Mexico City killing 166.

1987... Polish airliner, Ilyshin 62M crashes after takeoff in Warsaw; 183 killed.

1987... Northwest Airlines MD 30 crashes in Detroit, 156 perish.

1987... South African Airlines 747 crashes south of Mauritius, 160 lose lives.

1987... Korean Airlines 747 explodes and crashes due to bomb placed by North Korean agent, 115 die.

1988... USS Cruises Vincess accidentally shoots down Iranian Airbus, killing 290.

1988... Three jets from the Italian Air Force aerobatics team collide at air show- 70 die.

1988... Pan Am 747 explodes in-flight from terrorist attack 259 on board are killed.

1989...Ê Surinam Airways DC-8 crashes in fog killing 168.

1991... Canadian chartered DC-8 crashes in Jedda on takeoff killing 261.

1992.. Thai Aribus A-300 Crashes into the Mountains of Katmandu Nepal 113 die

1992 An El Al 200 Freighter crashed into two apartment buildings is Amsterdam the Netherlands, killing 120 almost all on the ground

1994- Aeroflot TU-154 Crashes after takeoff in Irkhutsk Russia killing 125

1994 China Airlines Airbus A-300 crashed at Japans Nagoya Airport Killing 264

1994 US Air Boeing 737 crashed in Alquippa Pa near Pittsburgh PA 132 killed.

1995 American Airlines 757 crashed 50 miles N of Cali Columbia killing 160

1996 Valuejet DC-9 crashes into the Florida Everglades shortly after takeoff- 110 die

1996 TWA 747 crashes in the Atlantic shortly after takeoff killing 230

1996 Saudi Arabia Boeing 747 and and cargo plane collide in midair near New Delhi India- 349 Die

1996 An Ethiopian Air 767 is hijacked and then crashed in the Indian Ocean 127 die

1997 Korean Air 747-300 crashed on approach in Guam 228 die

1998 China Airlines Airbus crashes on approach Tapei Taiwan 203 Die

1998 Swissair MD-10 crashes off New Fondland 259 Die

2000 Alaskan Air MD-80 crashes off the Mexican Coast killing 88

2002 American Airlines Airbus A-300 crashes after takeoff at Kennedy Airport in New York

2002- China Airlines 747 200 crashes as it approached Taiwan

2005 All survive an Air France aircraft that exploded after skidding off the runway

2006 - Armavia Flight 967 an Airbus A320 crashes into the Black Se all 113 are lost

2007 Adam Air Flight 574- Boeing 737 crashes off Indnesia all 102 are killed

2008 Aeroflot Blight 821 Boeing 737 crashes at Perm Airport in Moscow killing 88

2009 US Airways 1549 an A320 ditches in the Hudson River- all passengers survive

2009 AirFrance Flight 447 Rio to Paris crashes in the Atlantic killing 228

2010 Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 a Boeing 737 crashes after takeoff from Beirut 90 die

2011 Iran Air Flight 227 Boeing 727 crashes at Urima Airport killing 77

2012 Bhoja Air Flight 213 Boeing 737 crashed at Rawalpini Pakistan killing 127

2013 Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363 Boeing 737 crashes at Kazan International Air killing all 50

2014 Air Algerie Flight 5017 an MD 83 crashes in the Mali Desert killing 110

2014 Indonesia Air Asia Flight 8501 Airbus A320 crashes in the water off Bornea killing 155

2016 Egypt air 804 Airbus A320 crashes in the Mediterranean all 66 are killed