History Of Aviation

The Early Years

First Hot Air Balloon First Coast to Coast Flight
First Hydrogen Balloon First Air Raid
Balloon Used by French Army America's First Women Aviator Dies
Balloon Used in US Civil War First Seaplane Contest
Model Airplane Flown Aviator Crosses Mediterranean
Pilcher Dies After Glider Crash Russia's Giant Plane Flies
Wright Brothers Fly Glider First Scheduled Air Service
Wright's Fly in a Circle Aerial Reconnassaince Proves Value
Wrights Fly for 38 Minutes First Aircraft Forced Down
First Powered Flight in Europe Germans Bomb Paris
Charles Voisin Flies Fokker Aircraft Dominate
First Helicopters Flies Zepplin Bombs London
Farman Makes First Circular Flight in Europe British Introduce DH-2
Wilbur Wright Flies in Europe Boeing Founded
First Passenger Killed Bloody April
Wright Open Flight School Red Baron Shot Down
Dehavilland Builds Aircraft Air Mail Service Begun
US Army Orders Planes Rickenbacker Downs Two Planes
English Channel is Crossed US Seaplanes Cross Atlantic
Glenn Curtis Wins Bennet Cup
First Landing on Ship