Nixon Visits China

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Nixon Visits China
In 1969 President Nixon began making moves to establish some level of relations with the China.
China responded to the American initiative after its border-dispute with the Soviet Union almost escalated into war. At the same time, the US removed the 19-year old patrol of the Taiwan Straits.

In April, in what became known as "ping- pong diplomacy," the Chinese invited the American ping-pong team to China. In July, 1971, the President's National Security Advisor, Dr. Henry Kissinger, traveled to China to negotiate an opening with the Chinese. Upon Kissinger's return, Nixon announced his upcoming summit in Peking.

On February 21st, 1972, President Nixon arrived in Peking for a seven-day stay. While no major agreements were reached during the summit, its occurrence ushered in a new world of diplomacy for the United States.