Congress of Vienna

On November 1, 1814 the major powers in Europe met to develop a peace plan for Europe in the post Napoleon era. The Congress concluded in June of 1815 and rewrote the map of Europe.

One of the greatest international assemblies in history took place in Vienna between November 1814 and June 1815. The Congress of Vienna as it was known, was dominated by the Four victorious allies, the British, Prussians, Austrians and Russians. Prince Metttenich represented Austria, the Czar himself represented Russia,Castlereagh and Wellington represented Great Britain and William von Humboldt represented Prussia. The four parties who were known as the quadruple alliance undertook to maintain the balance of power in Europe. The Congress was attended by all the nations that existed prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Most of the "legitimate" dynasties are restored to power. The Kingdom of the Netherlands was established. While the Congress never met as one unit, it successfully worked out the various claims of the nations of Europe and established a framework that was to avoid a major European war for 50 years.