Battle of Waterloo

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Battle of Waterloo
News reached Napoleon at Elba of French discontent with renewed Bourbon rule. Napoleon decided to make another bid for power. On March 1, 1815 Napoleon landed in Cannes with 1,500 men. On March 20th he entered Paris. This began the 100 days. The major European powers united to oppose Napoleon each committing 180,000. The commander of the Allied forces became British General Wellington, who found himself in command of over 1,000, 000 men. On June 18th the Battle of Waterloo took place. Napoleon hurled his army against that of Wellington. The allied lines held, and Wellington received crucial reinforcements from Blucher. Napoleon's forces were defeated and he fled back towards Paris. On June 22nd he surrendered to allied forces. Napoleon spent the rest of his life imprisoned on the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic.