Why Students Have Turned Away from History?




History represents our connection to the past. And this because the past is a nice opportunity to learn some things about humanity, its evolution, the development of cities, how the wars had started, and many more. The past and the history it comes with are full of lessons that could be learned by many people. And one thing is for sure. One way or another, history will somehow repeat itself.
We now have the example of the global pandemic when we need to keep the physical distance and wear a face mask. Something that has happened with the Spanish Flu, which lasted from 1918 to 1920. The similarities are obvious, as is the case with many other events that took part in history.
However, something is happening during these times and not only. College students and not only have turned away from history. There are fewer and fewer students who want to study history or get an education in this field. Why is this happening? Why are there fewer and fewer students who are interested in finding out and learning about the history of humanity or of the peoples that lived in their country?

Political History

Many students might want to find out some myths and interesting facts from the recent history of their country. This allows them to form an opinion on what had happened, but also improve their general knowledge. There are many university courses on history that promise to deliver top-notch information that allows students to evolve and develop their critical thinking. However, more and more students tend to turn away from these courses too, courses that promise to come with a modern perspective on the society nowadays and its history. Unfortunately, many of these courses are highly political courses, who have the goal of inflicting certain beliefs about the current political system.
 And this is something that the newest generations, such as Millennials or Generation Z, want to keep away from. They have already formed their opinion on the current state of events and of the world, so they do not want a professor with political affiliates to teach them what to think. History has become politicized. Depending on which side you are on, things and events have happened differently. And many professors who have adopted these teaching methods steer away from the truth or present disproportionately the events and facts.

An Essay About the Vietnam War

History professors might argue that this happened years ago, so it surely has not influenced this turn away. It is interesting to notice and observe how certain events can change the perception of an entire generation on history, the government, society, or tradition. The Vietnam War started back in 1960, but it was an event that changed the perception of many people. Moreover, it altered their trust in their government, which made later generations turn away from history. If you ask students to write an essay about the Vietnam War, they will try online essay maker. It would come with many suggestions on what they should write about.
The Vietnam War was a turning point for history and the interest and trust of people and students. The Vietnam War is the only war the US has lost, so it was like a wake-up call for many. Youngsters and not only have understood that what the elders are saying is not something they should follow, trust, or abide by. It was a tragic war that urged many students and not only to discredit the government, the society, and its traditions.
And even though the number of available places in universities on history classes has increased tremendously, the number of majors has fallen drastically. Which is the consequence of a dramatic and tragic war.

Final Words

So, why have students turned away from history? This is a consequence of many things that happened in the recent history of the US. It begins with the Vietnam War, the only war that the US has lost, a tragic one. It taught people to distrust what the elders are saying, which led to them slowly turning away from history. Moreover, the history that is taught in college is a highly politicized one.
Students do not learn about the social history, about what people felt and done during those times. They mostly learn about the political ideologies, the government, and the political decisions it has made. And this is something that is not of interest anymore especially for younger generations. The number of applications and majors in history classes has dropped significantly.

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