North Carolina



Basic Information


Postal Abbreviation: NC
Natives: North Carolinian

Estimated pop. 2020:10,439,388
Legal Driving Age: 18
(*16 w/ Drivers Ed.)
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 37.4



Median Household Income:$52,413

Capital..... Raleigh
Entered Union..... Nov. 21, 1789 (12th)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1971

Nickname: Tar Heel State
Old North State

“Esse quam videri”
(To be rather than to seem)

Origin of Name:
Named in honor of King Charles I
and King Charles II of England.







USS North Carolina

Railroad Stations


North Carolina Economy

AGRICULTURE: chickens, corn, eggs,
milk, peanuts, soybeans, tobacco,
turkeys, wood.

MINING: clays, gemstones, mica,
phosphate, sand, stone.

electronic equipment, food processing,
furniture, machinery, medicines, rubber,
textiles, tobacco products.









North Carolina Geography

Total Area: 52,672 sq. miles
Land area: 48,718 sq. miles
Water Area: 3,954 sq. miles

Geographic Center: Chatham
10 mi. NW of Sanford

Highest Point: Mount Mitchell
(6,684 ft.)
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean
(sea level)

Highest Recorded Temp.: 110˚ F (8/21/1983)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –34˚ F (1/21/1985)


The western portion of the state is crossed by both the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The highest mountain is Mount Mitchell at 6,711 feet. The eastern portion of the state is mostly flat descending slowly to low and sandy coast. Off the coast there are a series of small islands and sand bars.






Charlotte, 872,498
Greensboro, 294,722
Winston-Salem , 246,328
Durham, 246,328
Fayetteville, 209,468
Cary, 135,234
Wilmington, 106,476
High Point, 104,371
Greenville, 84,554

North Carolina History

1585 A group of settlers land on Roanoake island. After three years the
settlement disappeared with no trace.
1629 Sir Robert Heath was granted a charter for the territory to the south of
Virginia, he calls it Carolina.
1677 John Culpepper led rebellion.
1780 Patriots defeat royalist in the battle of Moore’s Creek.
1781 American forces are defeated at the battle of Guilford Court House.
1789 North Carolina is the 12th state to ratify the constitution.
1861 South Carolina secedes.
1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright make the first successful airplane flight from
Kitty Hawk North Carolina.



Famous People

David Brinkley
Howard Cosell
Elizabeth Dole
Richard Gatling
Billy Graham
Andy Griffith
Jesse Helms
Andrew Johnson
Charles Kuralt
Dolley Madison
Edward R. Murrow
Floyd Patterson
James K. Polk


North Carolina National Sites

1) Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
This home which stand on a 247 acre estate was the home to the American poet and author Carl Sandburg.

2) Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
This is the site of the famous “lost colony” the english colony that was settled on Roananoke Island and then disappeared without a trace. The Fort tells the story of that settlement.

3) Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
This 220 acre battlefield near Greensboro, North Carolinas the site of a battle between British and American troops on March 15, 1781.

4) Moores Creek National Battlefield
This was the sight of a battle between Loyalist and Patriots on February 27th 1776.

5) Wright Brothers National Memorial
Located on the sand dunes of Kill Devil Hills North Carolina, this was the place that Wilbur and Orivlle Wright successfully flew an airplane for the first time.