Basic Information


Postal Abbreviation: LA
Natives: Louisianian

Population 2020: 4,657,757
Legal Driving Age: 17
(*15 w/ Driver's Ed.)
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 35.8

State Song: “Give Me Louisiana”
Lyrics & Music: Doralice Fontane


Median Household Income:$46,710

Capital..... Baton Rouge
Entered Union..... Apr. 30, 1812 (18th)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1974

Nickname: Pelican State
Sugar State

“Union, Justice, and Confidence”

Origin of Name:
Named in honor of King Louis XIV
of France.


USS Louisiana

Railroad Stations


Louisiana Economy


AGRICULTURE: cattle, chickens,
cotton, eggs, rice, soybeans, sweet
potato, sugarcane, wood.

MINING: Lignite, natural gas,
petroleum, salt, sulfur.

MANUFACTURING: chemicals, food
processing, lumber, machinery, metal
products, paper products, petroleum,
printing, transportation equipment.







Louisiana Geography

Total Area: 49,650 sq. miles
Land area: 43,566 sq. miles
Water Area: 6,084 sq. miles
Geographic Center: Avoyelles
3 mi. SE of Marksville
Highest Point: Driskill Mountain
(535 ft.)
Lowest Point: New Orleans
(–8 ft.)
Highest Recorded Temp.: 114˚ F (8/10/1936)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –16˚ F (2/13/1899)

Louisiana is divided into two major geographic sections, the uplands and the southern lowlands. The lowlands include 20,000 square miles of swamps and coastal lowlands. The Mississippi River and its delta (which flow into the Gulf of Mexico South of New Orleans), have dominated the state.





New Orleans, 391,006
Baton Rouge, 221,599
Shreveport, 199,311
Metairie, 138,481
Lafayette, 120,632
Lake Charles, 71,993
Kenner, 66,702
Bossier City, 61,315
Monroe, 48,815
Alexandria, 47,723.

Louisiana History

1541 Hernando scouted Louisiana and claimed it for Spain. Early the next year
he died and was buried in Louisiana.
1682 La Salle claimed the area for France.
1714 The first permanent settlement was made- a fort at Natchitoches.
1718 New Orleans was founded.
1762 Over the objections of the colonist Louisiana was ceded to Spain by
1803 The US takes possession of Louisiana territory under the terms of the
Louisiana Purchase.
1804 The territory of Orleans is created.
1812 Louisiana enters the Union as the 18th state.
1815 The last battle of the War of 1812 is won by the General Andrew Jackson at
New Orleans
1861 Louisiana seceded from the union.
1862 A Union fleet commanded by Admiral David Farragut captured New
1935 Governor Huey Long was assassinated while running for President.

2005 Hurricane Katrina devestates New Orleans and the surronding area


Famous People

Louis Armstrong
Pierre Beauregard
Michael DeBakey
Jerry Lee Lewis
Juey Long
Edward White


Louisiana National Sites

1) Chalmette National Historic Park
This park was the site of General Andrew Jackson’s victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

2) Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
Located in downtown New Orleans this park preserves the elegance of old New Orleans.

3) Poverty Point National Monument
This 400 acre in northeastern Louisiana preserves the earthwork mounds of a prehistoric Indian city which flourished between from 1800 to 500 BC.