HoW to Write an Essay on the REvolutionary War

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Most people, especially students, consider writing an essay on the Revolutionary War  to be hard to write and boring to read. However, great writers do exist who not only write quality but also engaging essays. Such essays attract eager and willing readers; people enjoy reading them and if you are in school will help you get good grades. Essays come in many forms ranging from argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, and persuasive essays among others. However, the qualities of a good essay cut across all types of essays. 


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Focused essay on the Revolutionary War always do best
The first step to writing a good essay is to understand the topic or the content of the essay. A good essay should address a problem from the beginning to the end.  What were the causes of the Revolutionary War for instance? A writer should stick to the essay topic from the beginning to the end. Writing out of topic often results in vague content. Sticking to the issue does not entail stating the same facts repeatedly. Instead, it involves using the right arguments, examples, and logic that is in line with the topic. Though an essay may be long and spread across many pages, there should be harmony in its content.
Adopt proper essay structuring
An essay mainly consists of three essential parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction is crucial as it makes the reader understand the theme of the essay. By reading the introduction, it should be easy to predict what the main body of the essay contains. The introduction should be intriguing and leave the reader craving for more. An introduction should grab the attention of the reader. The introductory paragraph should not disclose too many details. Instead, it should make the reader curious to read the main body of the essay.  At times, it is advisable to start an essay with a question or a peculiar fact; this will arouse the curiosity of readers. 
The main body addresses the key subject of an essay. It should always be in line with the subject of the main topic. The main body highlights and explains all the key details, arguments, examples, figures, and statistics.  It is crucial to adopt a professional tone, as academic writing is very strict. Unless a client makes a request, it is wise to avoid an informal writing style.
A conclusion sums up the content of the entire essay and gives the final viewpoint. The concluding paragraph rephrases the thesis statement of the essay - a thesis statement is the central argument of an essay.
Free from Errors
Nothing puts off a teacher than an essay full of errors and grammatical mistakes. Both the easy to notice and the unnoticeable errors can disappoint teachers. Proper proofreading and editing make the are essential. If the essay is without obvious errors than the views of the author author are credible and reliable.
Writing good essays is difficult that is why a company such as essaycompany can help by providing you with a sample.  You can use their work to develop your own outline and then write your own paper.  If you wanted to write an essay on the causes of the Revolutionary War you would include the Quartering Act and it should go:

Quartering Act

The British parliament expected the colonies to offer help for the war and provide extra soldiers required to maintain the new frontiers. King George III was supporting the British Parliament. The parliament imposed a tax on the colonist without consulting them and found different ways to encroach on their lives. The Quartering Act of 1765 imposed the colonists to offer food, shelter and other supplies to the troops. This act was supported by the Stamp Act of 1765, which was a tax on the numerous official documents, such as playing cards, newspapers, and calendars.
After the payment of tax, the items received an official ink stamp that is quite similar to the customs stamp used in the passport. The Townsend Acts 1767 was planned to increase the revenue to pay the salaries of the officials of the British government in America.
The Americans were annoyed because Patrick Henry, who was a member of Virginia’s colonial government, declared it as a dictatorship. The statement became the reason for the protest that was a real surprise for the British Parliament. After a decade, there was a huge problem between the colonies and Britain. The issue continued and became a hot issue to decide who had the right to pay the taxes.
The laws were made to obey, and the parliament with the support of King George III claimed that they had imposed the taxes and they had the right to do. The American colonists were affirmed that unless they are in the parliament, the British government had no right.

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