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HistoryCentral.com > World History > Middle East > 1962- Algeria Granted Independence

1962- Algerian Granted Independance

Algerian Nationalists organized in the FLN (Front de Liberation National) began an armed rebellion against French rule in Algeria. The rebellion gained momentum throughout the 1950's. After DeGaulle became President of France in 1959, he offered Algeria the option of a referendum to determine whether the people wanted independence from France. Cease-fire negotiations began between the government and the FLN.

French Nationalists attempted to derail the peace process staging two revolts in Algeria: the first in 1960 and the second in 1961 by the OAS (Organization de L'Armee Secrete). The revolt by the OAS was suppressed within a few days, but the OAS continued to oppose the independence of Algeria until the bitter end.

On July 1st, Algerians voted overwhelmingly for independence. On July 3rd, Algeria declared its independence. In September, Be Bella became Premier.