1961-Trialof Adolf Eichmann Begins
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TRIAL OF ADOLPH EICHMANN BEGINS The trial of Adolf Eichmann began in Jerusalem on April 11, 1961. Eichmann was charged with supervising and executing the atrocities of the Holocaust. He was found guilty.
Adolf Eichmann was in charge of the Jewish department of the SS (Gestapo). This meant, he was directly responsible for carrying out the "final solution"-the extermination of European Jewry.

After WWII, Eichmann fled to South America. In May 1960, Eichmann was captured by Israel's Mossad, smuggled out of Argentina and brought to Israel to stand trial.

His trial began on April 11, 1961, at Binyanei Ha'Ooma, in Jerusalem. A special bullet proof cage was built for Eichmann's protection. After a 14-week trial, Eichmann was convicted and sentenced to die for crimes against humanity.

After his appeal was denied, Eichmann was executed on May 31, 1962, making him the only person ever officially executed by the State of Israel.