Why Children Ought to be Taught the Bad side of American History Too

by Jonathan Frank


History is an essential theme of the education curriculum. This is because learning about a nation's origin is very important. However, in children's history classes, kids are deprived of the parts of history considered murky. The curriculum is more focused on portraying America as a rational and noble Nation.

In the current curriculum, the struggles experienced by the ancestors of the other communities living in America are palliated, and this makes people more skeptical about history repeating itself.

Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure your children are enlightened about the validity of the Holocaust against people of the congenital community, slavery, and horrendous offenses against other ethnicities in the hands of Caucasians. It is very significant to enlighten your children on these matters if America is to proceed as a decent society.

The 1619 Project is a great example of a curriculum that showcases how today's democracy has been affected by the legacy of slavery in America. A curriculum like this should be studied in each of the 50 States, which will observe that all students are in equal understanding of the U.S.'s factual history. The 1619 Project does nothing to disregard the ghastliness sanctioned on black people U.S. it similarly acknowledges the country's achievements.

Irrespective of this, a number of Republican politicians are giving funds to schools for them to center their entire history curriculum on America's fortitude. On the other hand, these very same Statesmen are relentlessly aspiring to penalize schools that are enforcing this curriculum. They reckon that doing this will result in American youngsters being brainwashed by far left. In reality, it is completely absurd to celebrate our victories unless we are bold enough to pay mind to the criticized groups and how much we have wounded them.

History is majorly involved in today's normalized discrimination. Only through studying America's actual history will students understand the origin of the white supremacy alliance's bigotry and racism. The only way to relieve our country of this ignorance is to implement a different approach to teaching history. Preferably one that stirs away from detrimental conservatism. This means changing the two-way-street point of view formula used in lessons implicating colonization and the slavery caused by it. 

Unfortunately, history classes pose queries whose answers require rationale behind slavery and colonization, which implicates that there are pros and cons to these atrocities. Students of cover should never be expected to assert why inimical institutions indicating that slavery was okay.

Inferring America as a moral and honorable nation brings about confusion when kids witness the Capitol uprisings. The well-known Black Lives Matter movement can be devastatingly confusing unless teachers educate them on their origin and how they still relate to today's events. The teaching method on; civil rights, color, and racism movements are nefarious, while white individuals are portrayed as white saviors.

This is a teaching history method that is one of the factors that lead to the coercion of people of color up to date. This ridiculous theory of being considered incapable of facing these facts is utterly distasteful. Considering Germans educate the precise elements of the Holocaust that they inflicted on jews to 9-year-old children, what is standing in the way of the U.S. teaching about slavery?

Since endorsing white patriotism usually originates from parental impact. For this reason, our; smart and resilient youngsters are supposed to learn these validities. If the system approves topics on brutal American wars, then there is absolutely no reason why colonization shouldn't be taught. By comprehending the full extent of this country's politics, children grow into vastly intellectual individuals.

Failure to modify and denounce the current U.S. history curriculum, we risk being negatively affected by incognizance and prejudice. Some children need help with reading comprehension apps to truly understand what they are reading.  Knowledge is nurtured in classrooms, and it is such a shame that kids are constrained to the alternative to learn about the history of their country from a young age. Suppose the government implements a secondary curriculum that covers every alcove and crevice of American history. In that case, learners will grow up with critical speculations, which will help develop a better civilization.