Battle of Stone River or Murfreesboro

StoneRiver Picture

This illustration from Harpers Weekly on February 14, 1863 The Battle Of Murfreesboro, Tennessee—centre Of The Army On 2d January, 1863.—sketched By Mr. Henry R. Hubner.

After the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Perryville the Confederate armies withdrew to Murfreesboro Tennessee. After prodding from President Lincoln the Union army of the Cumberland under the command of Major General Rosecrans departed Nashville to engage the Confederates. On December 29th the Union troops met the Confederate forces outside of Murfreesboro Tennessee at the Union forces went into camp. The Union forces fought a defensive battle at Murfreesboro. The Confederates attacked the Union forces a number of times. They first attacked the Union right flank on December 31st. The Confederates had initial success but I the end the Union lines held. Both sides paused on New Years. On the second after the Federal troops had taken up new positions, the Confederates attacked the new positions, but the Union lines held. When Confederate General Bragg heard that Rosencrans was about to receive additional reinforcements he decided to withdraw. The battle was a tactical draw with both sides losing large number of men- the Union lost 13,249 out of 40,000 men engages while the confederates lost 10,266 of the 32,000 soldiers engaged.

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