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Correspondence Between the Governor of Mass. and the Mayor of Baltimore:


Governor Andrew to Mayor Brown,

I pray you cause the bodies of Mass soldiers dead in battle, to be immediately laid out preserved in ice, and tenderly sent forward by express to me. All expenses will be pad for by this commonwealth.

BaltImore 4.20.61

Sir No one deplores the sad events of yesterday in this city more deeply then myself, but they were inevitable. Our people viewed the passage of armed troops to another state throughout the streets as an invasion of our soil., and could not be restrained. The authorities exerted themselves to the best of their ability, but with only partial success. Governor Hicks was present, and concurs in all my views as to the proceeding now necessary for our protection. When are these scenes to cease? Are we to have a war of sections? g-d forbid. the bodies of the Massachusetts soldiers could not be sent out to Boston as you requested, all communications between this city and Philadelphia by railroad, and with Boston by steamers, having ceased; but they have been placed in cemented coffins, and will be placed with proper funeral ceremonies in the mausoleum of Greenmount Cemetery, where they shall be retained until further directions are received from you. The wounded are tenderly cared for. I appreciate your offer, but Baltimore will claim it as her right to pay all expenses incurred. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. Geo Brown, Mayor of Baltimore

Governor Andrew to Mayor Brown

I appreciate your kind attention to our wounded and our dead, and trust that at the earliest moment the remains of our fallen will return to us. I am overwhelmed with surprise that a peaceful march of American citizens over the highway to the defense of our common capital should be deemed aggressive to Baltimoreans. Through New York the march was triumphal.