Divided Families

Henry Clay, the "Great Compromiser," had grandsons serving on both sides of the war. John J., Crittenden, Kentucky politician, had sons serving on both sides. A number of people encountered their friends and family members on the battlefield. Confederate Maj. A. M. Lea captured a Union ship off Galveston, Texas, only to find his son, a Union lieutenant, dying on board. Confederate Brig. Gen. James McQueen McIntosh was the older brother of Union Brig. Gen. John B. McIntosh. Confederate commander of the "Virginia," Franklin Buchanan, was the brother of Union Paymaster McKean Buchanan; Franklin Buchanan's ship sunk the Union "Virginia," which had his brother on board. Union Brig. Gen. Philip St. George Cooke was assigned to hunt down his son-in-law, Confederate cavalry Gen. J. E. B. Stuart. Gen. Cooke's son, John Rogers Cooke, was also a Confederate brigadier general.