The Sky Behind Me by Byron Hedginton


reviewed by Marc Schulman

Over the years I have read hundreds if not thousand of biographies and autobiographies, mostly of famous people, rarely have I enjoyed reading a biography as much as I have of Byron Hedginton.  Bryon is not a household name and will unfortunately never be one, but through his thoroughly readable autobiography I had the chance to enjoy vicariously the very full and enjoyable life that Byron has lived.

Byron story is the story of an average American- well not quite average Byron is a skilled helicopter pilot a skill that the average person clearly does not have.  The book is divided into four main parts. The first his training as a helicopter pilot in the army; the second his harrowing time as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  The third section is about his years as private helicopter pilot in the US most of which were spent being an air ambulance operator.  His final chapter is being a tour pilot in Hawaii.

In each chapter the author successfully transforms you into his life and into his cockpit.  As a reader you have the chance to experience the harrowing moment of crisis as a pilot together with the joy of a job well done.  I highly recommend this book

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