Destined to Meet Again? A Tale of Two Best Friends and ones love of History



History has always been Hannah’s life. As a child in Ohio, she loved learning about all kinds of history and spending time visiting museums with her parents. Her idea of a great day out was always exploring historical attractions and learning as much as she could from the local attractions in the area. Even at school, Hannah excelled at history although her best friend, Claire, was never quite as keen and preferred the arts.

After leaving school and graduating from university, Hannah met a young man called Phil, who was a computer engineer from the UK but had been working in the United States for two years. She and Phil decided they wanted to get married and after getting hitched they made the decision to set up a new life back in England where Phil’s family lived. This was mixed news for Hannah. She was thrilled at the thought of starting up a new life with her new husband in England and was excited to explore the many historical places that England was so well known for. However, the one thing she dreaded was leaving Claire behind. While Hannah had no parents to worry about at this time, as they had both passed by the time she got married, Claire was like a sister to her.

It was pretty heartbreaking for Hannah to leave Claire behind, as the pair had remained very close after leaving university and saw one another nearly every day. Claire was even Hannah’s organizer for her wedding, which was of course held in a historical church!

Meeting again after 15 years

After Hannah moved to England, she and Claire continued to stay in touch via email, messaging, and phone calls. However, as so often happens, the calls and messages became fewer and fewer before finally fizzling out. One day, back in 2016, Hannah was going through her old wedding photos and found all of the photos of Claire as well as photos of when they were both studying at university in the United States.

Curious as to what Claire was doing, she decide to try and contact her but the phone number that she had was dead and Claire didn’t appear to be on social media. Hannah was hugely disappointed but decided to persevere. Thinking outside the box, she decided to use an address lookup service online to try and find Claire. She succeeded!

Although Hannah was nervous about getting in touch with Claire after so long, she took the plunge and has not regretted it since. The pair has struck up their old friendship once again and Claire has already flown to England to stay with Hannah and Phil in their Berkshire home. Hannah said that using the service and getting back in touch with her childhood friend and partner in crime was the best thing she had done in years. Claire had, of course, gone into graphic design and made the most of her love of art. She still hates history according to Hannah!