Letitia Christian Tyler
Born: New Kent County, VA
Married: John Tyler, 1813
Children: Mary, Robert, John, Letitia, Elizabeth Anne, Alice, Tazewell
First Lady: 1841-1842

Letitia Tyler became First Lady following the untimely death of President William Henry Harrison. The Tylers were called to Washington D.C. from their home in Williamsburg, Virginia. Letitia was, at the time, partially paralyzed secondary to a stroke suffered several years before. She was confined to a wheelchair which made the job of First Lady physically impossible. Her only public appearance at the White House was at the wedding of daughter, Elizabeth in 1842. Her death marked the first time a President's wife had died during their White House tenure. Priscilla Tyler, a devoted daughter-in-law, took over the White House social responsibilities following Letitia's death.