Taylor, John W

Public Official


John Taylor was born in Charlton New York on March 26th 1784. He studied at Union College were he was valetetorium. He studied law in Albany where he was admitted to the bar in 1807. He practiced in Ballston New York becoming a justice of the peace in 1807. He then became the state commissioner of loans and then a member of the New York Assembly. In 1812 he was elected as a democrat to the US Hose of Representatives. He was reelected nine times. In 1820 with Henry Clay absent he became the Speaker of the House for one session Taylor delivered the first speech in Congress opposing the extension of slavery. In 1850 he once again was elected to be the Speaker of the House. He became one the prime organizers of the Whig Party. After retiring from the House he was briefly a member of the New York State Senate. He resigned after suffering a stroke. From 1843 until his death in 1854 he lived with his daughter in Cleveland.