BORN: 1832 in Bangor, ME.
DIED: 1889 in Fort Robinson, NE.
CAMPAIGNS: Island No.10, Corinth, Grierson's Raid, Franklin & Nashville.
Edward Hatch was born in Bangor, Maine, on December 22, 1832. He studied at Norwich University, in Vermont; then became a lumber dealer in Iowa; and was, at one point, a merchant seaman. In 1861, he became captain of the 2d Iowa Cavalry. After serving at Island No. 10 and in the 1862 spring campaign to Corinth, Mississippi; he led a brigade in the Battle of Corinth, then in Grierson's Raid. Wounded in 1863, he commanded the cavalry depot in St. Louis, Missouri while he was recovering. Hatch was promoted to brigadier general to rank from April 27, 1864. He served in Memphis, Tennessee; north Mississippi and Middle Tennessee. Assigned to a division in Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson's cavalry, he led troops in the Franklin and Nashville Campaign, ending his combat service there. He left the volunteer service in January of 1866, but stayed in the army. Commissioned colonel of the 9th US Cavalry, he led the Department of the Southwest briefly. His dealings with Native Americans included disputing a reservation treaty with the Ute Indians, and trying unsuccessfully to pursue Mescalero Apache Chief Victorio in his escape from government land. Hatch was brevetted a brigadier and major general in the Regular Army, in recognition for his wartime service. He died on April 11, 1889, at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.