April 26, 2017 Day 97 of the First Year

   10:30AM          THE PRESIDENT receives his daily intelligence briefing


              Oval Office


11:05AM          THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route to the Department of the Interior


              South Portico


11:20AM          THE PRESIDENT gives remarks and signs the Antiquities Executive Order


              Department of the Interior


11:50PM           THE PRESIDENT departs the Department of the Interior en route to the White House


              Department of the Interior


12:30PM           THE PRESIDENT has lunch with Vice President Mike Pence


              Presidential Dining Room


1:30PM             THE PRESIDENT meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


              Oval Office


2:30PM             THE PRESIDENT participates in a federalism event with Governors and signs the Education Federalism Executive Order


              Roosevelt Room


3:00PM             THE PRESIDENT drops by an all Senators briefing on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


              EEOB – South Auditorium


4:30PM             THE PRESIDENT holds a National Teacher of the Year event


              Oval Office