Major Event/ Sports /Prizes

Major Events of 1908 


  • Austria Annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Young Turks Revolt
  • Congo Free State Becomes Belgian Congo
  • Robert Perry Arrives at the North Pole
  • "Dollar Diplomacy"
  • Conservation Commission
  • First True Skyscraper Built



    Olympic Champions - London, England


    Event: 100m Winner: Reginald Walker Country: SAF
    Event: 200m Winner: Robert Kerr Country: CAN
    Event: 400m Winner: Wyndham Halswelle Country: GBR
    Event: 800m Winner: Melvin Sheppard Country: USA
    Event: 1500m Winner: Melvin Sheppard Country: USA
    Event: Marathon Winner: John Hayes Country: USA
    Event: 110 Hurdles Winner: Forrest Smithson Country: USA
    Event: 400m Hurdles Winner: Charles Bacon Country: USA
    Event: 3000m Steeplechase Winner: Arthur Russell Country: GBR
    Event: 4x400m Winner: USA
    Event: High Jump Winner: Harry Porter Country: USA
    Event: Pole Vault Winner: Edward Cooke Country: USA
    Event: Long Jump Winner: Francis Irons Country: USA
    Event: Triple Jump Winner: Timothy Ahearne Country: GBR-IRL
    Event: Shotput Winner: Ralph Rose Country: USA
    Event: Discus Winner: Martin Sheridan Country: USA
    Event: Hammer Winner: John Managan Country: USA
    Event: Javelin Winner: Erik Lemming Country: SWE
    Event: Freestyle Javelin Winner: Erik Lemming Country: SWE
    Event: 5 miles Winner: Emil Voigt Country: GBR
    Event: 3 miles Team Winner: Great Britain
    Event: Standing Hight Jump Winner: Ray Ewry Country: USA
    Event: Standing Long Jump Winner: Ray Ewry Country: USA
    Event: Discus, Ancient Style Winner: Martin Sheridan Country: USA
    Event: Tug-of-War Winner: GBR
    Event: 3500m Walk Winner: George Larner Country: GBR
    Event: 10 mile walk Winner: George Larner Country: GBR


    Event: 100m Freestyle Winner: Charles Daniels Country: USA
    Event: 400 Freestyle Winner: Henry Taylor Country: GBR
    Event: 1500m Freestyle Winner: Henry Taylor Country: GBR
    Event: 100m Backstroke Winner: Arno Bieberstein Country: GER
    Event: 200m Breaststroke Winner: Fredrick Holman Country: GBR
    Event: 4x200mFreestyle Relay Winner: GBR
    Event: Springboard Diving Winner: Albert Zurner Country: GER
    Event: Platform Winner: Hjalmar Johansson Country: SWE

    Water Polo

    Winner: Great Britain


    Event: Bantamweight Winner: A. Henry Thomas Country: GBR
    Event: Featherweight Winner: Richard Gunn Country: GBR
    Event: Lightweight Winner: Federick Grace Country: GBR
    Event: Middleweight Winner: John Douglas Country: GBR
    Event: Heavyweight Winner: Albert L. Oldham Country: GBR

    Greco Roman Wrestling

    Event: Lightweight Winner: Enrico Porro Country: ITA
    Event: Middleweight Winner: Frithiof Martensson Country: SWE
    Event: Light Heavyweight Winner: Verner Weckman Country: FIN
    Event: Heavyweight Winner: Richard Weisz Country: HUN

    Freestyle Wrestling

    Event: Bantamweight Winner: George Mehnert Country: USA
    Event: Featherweight Winner: George Dole Country: USA
    Event: Lightweight Winner: George de Relwskow Country: GBR
    Event: Middleweight Winner: Stanley Bacon Country: GBR
    Event: Heavyweight Winner: George Con OÕKelly Country: GBR/IRL

    Men Fencing

    Event: Epee Individual Winner: Gaston Alibert Country: FRA
    Event: Epee team Winner: FRA
    Event: Sabre Individual Winner: Jeno Fuchs Country: HUN
    Event: Sabre Team Winner: HUN Rowing
    Event: Single Sculls Winner: Harry Blackstaffe Country: GBR
    Event: Coxless pairs Winner: Great Britain
    Event: Coxless Fours Winner: Great Britain
    Event: Eights Winner: GBR


    Event: 6m Winner: GBR
    Event: 7m Winner: GBR
    Event: 8m Winner: GBR
    Event: 12m Winner: GBR


    Event: 2000m Tandem Winner: France
    Event: 4000m Team Pursuit Winner: Great Britain
    Event: One Lap Race Winner: Victor L. Johnson Country: GBR
    Event: 5000m track Winner: Benjamin Jones Country: GBR
    Event: 20km Track Winner: Charles B. Kingsbury Country: GBR
    Event: 100km Track Winner: Charles H. Barlett Country: GBR


    Event: Free Rifle, 3 position Winner: Albert Helgerud Country: NOR
    Event: Free Rifle Individual Winner: Jerry Millner Country: GBR
    Event: Free Rifle Team Winner: Norway
    Event: Small-Bore rifle Winner: A.A. Carnell Country: GBR
    Event: Small-Bore Rifle Individual Moving Target Winner: J.F. Fleming Country: GBR
    Event: Disappearing Target Winner: William Styles Country: GBR
    Event: Miniature Rifle Team Winner: Great Bitain
    Event: Pistol Rapid Fire Winner: Paul Van Asbroeck Country: BEL
    Event: Clay Pigeon Shooting Team Winner: Great Britain
    Event: Military Rifle Team Winner: USA
    Event: Running Deer Shooting( Single Shot) Individual Winner: Oscar Swahn Country: SWE
    Event: Running Deer Shooting(Single Shot) Team Winner: Sweden
    Event: Running Deer Shooting( Double Shot) Individual Winner: Walter Winans Country: USA
    Event: Revolver Team Winner: USA
    Event: Mixed Shooting Winner: Walter Henry Ewing Country: CAN

    Mens Archery

    Event: York Round Winner: William Dod Country: GBR
    Event: Contintial Style Winner: E.G. Grisot Country: FRA

    Womens Archery

    Event: National Round Winner: Queenie F. Newall Country: GBR

    Mens Gymnastics

    Event: Individual All aroundCompetition Winner: Alberto Braglia Country: ITA
    Event: Team All around Competition Winner: SWE Football Winner: GBR Field Hockey Winner: GBR


    Event: MenÕs singles Winner: Josiah Ritchie Country: GBR
    Event: MenÕs singles(indoors) Winner: Arthur Gore Country: GBR
    Event: MenÕs doubles Winner: GBR
    Event: WomenÕs singles Winner: Dorothy Chambers Country: GBR
    Event: WomenÕs singles (indoors) Winner: Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith Jeu de Paume Winner: USA Lacrosse Winner: CAN

    Motor Boating

    Event: Open Winner: FRA
    Event: 8m Winner: GBR
    Event: Under 60Õ Winner: GBR Polo Winner: GBR Rackets
    Event: MenÕs single Winner: MenÕs singles Country: GBR
    Event: MenÕs doubles Winner: GBR Rugby Winner: AUS

    Nobel Prizes

    RUTHERFORD, Lord ERNEST, Great Britain, Victoria University, Manchester, b. 1871 (in Nelson, New Zealand), d. 1937: "for his investigations into the disintegration of the elements, and the chemistry of radioactive substances"

    EUCKEN, RUDOLF CHRISTOPH, Germany, b. 1846, d. 1926: "in recognition of his earnest search for truth, his penetrating power of thought, his wide range of vision, and the warmth and strength in presentation with which in his numerous works he has vindicated and developed an idealistic philosophy of life"

    The prize was divided equally between: ARNOLDSON, KLAS PONTUS, Sweden, b. 1844, d. 1916: Writer. Former Member of the Swedish Parliament. Founder of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration League. BAJER, FREDRIK, Denmark, b. 1837, d. 1922: Member of the Danish Parliament. Honorary President of the Permanent International Peace Bureau, Berne.

    Physiology or Medicine
    The prize was awarded jointly to: METCHNIKOFF, ELIE, Russia, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, b. 1845, d. 1916; and EHRLICH, PAUL, Germany, Gšttingen University and Kšnigliches Institut fŸr experimentelle Therapie (Royal Institute for Experimental Therapy), Frankfurt-on-the-Main, b. 1854, d. 1915: "in recognition of their work on immunity"

    LIPPMANN, GABRIEL, France, Sorbonne University, Paris, b. 1845 (in Hollerich, Luxembourg), d. 1921: "for his method of reproducing colours photographically based on the phenomenon of interference"