Cameroon Government  




The Cameroons are ruled by a strong executive. The President can fire any cabinet member. The judiciary is under the control of the the executive. The legislature follows the lead of the President
President Biya, Paul
Prime Minister Musonge, Peter Mafany
Min. of State, Secretary General at the Presidency Mebara, Jean Marie Atangana
Min. of State for Agriculture Kodock, Augustin Fredrick
Min. of State for Culture Oyono, Ferdinand Leopold
Min. of State for External Relations Ngoubeyou, Francois-Xavier
Min. of State for Finance & Budget Meboutou, Michel Meva'a
Min. of State for the Interior Yaya, Marafa Hamidou
Min. of State for Justice Ali, Amadou
Min. of State for Trade & Industrial Development Maigari, Bello Bouba
Min. of Communication Ndongo, Jacques Fame
Min. of Economic Affiars, Planning, & Territorial Development Okouda, Martin Aristide
Min. of Employment, Labor, & Social Insurance Nkili, Robert
Min. of Environment & Forests Tanyi-Mbianyor, Clarkson Noben
Min. of Higher Education Tchuente, maurice
Min. of Housing Haman, Adji Abdoulaye
Min. of Livestock, Fisheries, & Animal Industries Adjoudi, Hamadjoda
Min. of Mines, Water Resources, & Energy Aoudou, Joseph
Min. of National Education Owona, Joseph
Min. of Parliamentary Relations Owona, Gregoire
Min. of Posts & Telecommunication Nkongo, Maximin Paul N'Koue
Min. of Public Health Awono, Urbain Olanguena
Min. of Public Investments & Territorial Development Okouda, Martin
Min. of Public Service & Administrative Reform Nguele, Rene Ze
Min. of Public Works Zang, Dieudonn Ambassa
Min. of Science & Technology Perevet, Zacharie
Min. of Social Affairs Nkolo, Cecile Bomba
Min. of Technical Learning & Professional Training Bapes, Louis Bapes
Min. of Tourism Hele, Pierre
Min. of Town Planning Donfack, Lekene
Min. of Transport Begheni, John Ndeh
Min. of Women's Affairs Mbock, Catherine Bakang
Min. of Youth & Sports Mkpatt, Bidoung
Min. Del. at the Presidency in Charge of Defense Esso, Laurent
Min. Del. at the Presidency for Advanced State Control Mama, Njiemoun
Min. Del. to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Charge of the Economic Recovery Nguenang, Joseph Dsir
Min. Del. at the Ministry of External Relations in Charge of the Commonwealth Ngute, Joseph Ndion
Min. Del. at the Ministry of External Relations in Charge of Relations with the Islamic World Gargoum, Adoum
Min. Del. to the Ministry of Finance & Budget in Charge of the Budget Melingui, Roger
Min. Del. to the Ministry of the Interior in Charge of Local Collectivities Djomagoue, Adrien
Governor, Central Bank  
Ambassador to the US Mendouga, Jerome
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Belinga Eboutou, Martin