Bangladesh Government  




The president, while chief of state, holds a largely ceremonial post; the real power is held by the prime minister, who is head of government.

The prime minister is appointed by the president; the prime minister must be a Member of Parliament (MP) who the president feels commands the confidence of the majority of other MPs. The cabinet is composed of ministers selected by the prime minister and appointed by the president. At least 90%of the ministers must be MPs.

The legislature is a unicameral, 330-seat body. About 300 of its members are elected by universal suffrage every 5 years. The remaining 30 seats are reserved for women MPs, elected by the parliament.

Bangladesh's judiciary is a civil court system based on the British model; the highest court of appeal is the Appellate Court of the Supreme Court.

President Chowdhury, A. Q. M. Badruddoza
Prime Minister Zia, Khaleda
Adviser to the Prime Minister Begum, Jahanara
Parliamentary Affairs Adviser Chowdhury, Salahuddin Quader
Poltical Secretary to the Prime Minister Chowdhury, Mohammad Abul Haris
Min. of Agriculture Rahman Nizami, Maulana Matiur
Min. of Commerce Chowdhury, Amir Khasru Mahmud
Min. of Communication Huda, Nazmul
Min. of Disaster Management & Relief Yusuf, Chowdhury Kamal Ibne
Min. of Education Faruk, Osman, Dir.
Min. of Environment & Forest Siraj, Shajahan
Min. of Finance & Planning Rahman, M. Salifur
Min. of Fisheries & Livestocks Khoka, Sadeq Hossain
Min. of Food Islam, Tariqul
Min. of Foreign Affairs Khan, Morshed
Min. of Health & Family Welfare Hossain, Khankder Mosharraf, Dr.
Min. of Home Affairs Chowdhury, Altaf Hossain, Air Vice Marshall (Ret.)
Min. of Housing & Public Works Abbas, Mirza
Min. of Industry Anwar, M. K.
Min. of Information Khan, Moyeen, Dr.
Min. of Jute Ahmed, M. Hafizuddin, Maj. (Ret.)
Min. of Labor & Employment Noman, Abdullah Al
Min. of Land Islam, M. Shamsul
Min. of Law, Justice, & Parliamentary Affairs Ahmed, Moudud
Min. of Local Gov., Rural Developments., & Cooperatives Bhuiyan, Abdul Mannan
Min. of Post & Telecommunication Huq, Aminul
Min. of Shipping Hossain, Akbar, Lt. Col. (Ret.)
Min. of Social Welfare Mujahid, Ali Ahsan Mohammad
Min. of Textile Chowdhury, Abdul Matin
Min. of Water Resources Siddiqui, L. K.
Min. of Women & Children Affairs Huq, Khurshid Jahan
Min. Without Portfolio Monno, Harunur Rashid Khan
Dep. Min. for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Dewan, Moni Swapan
Dep. Min. for Education Pintu, Abdus Salam
Dep. Min. for Jamuna Bridge Division Dulu, Asadul Habib
Dep. Min. for Local Govt., Rural Develoment, & Cooperatives Dulu, Ruhul Quddus Talukdar
Min. of State for Agriculture Alamgir, Mirza Fakrul Islam
Min. of State for Civil Aviation & Tourism Nasiruddin, Mir
Min. of State for Commerce Bhulu, Barkatullah
Min. of State for Communication Ahmed, Salahuddin
Min. of State for Cultural Affairs Rahman, Selima
Min. of State for Disaster Management & Relief Chowdhury, Ebadur Rahman
Min. of State for Education Milon, A. N. M. Ehsanul Huq
Min. of State for Energy, & Mineral Resources Hossain, A. K. M. Mosharraf
Min. of State for Finance & Planning Hossain, Shah Abul
Min. of State for Finance & Planning Talukder, Anwarul Kabir
Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Rahman, Reaz
Min. of State for Forest & Environment Chowdhury, Zafrul Islam
Min. of State for Health & Family Welfare Aman, Amanullah
Min. of State for Health & Family Welfare Karim, Rezaul, Prof.
Min. of State for Home Affairs Babar, Lutfuzzaman
Min. of State for Housing & Public Works Kabir, Alamgir
Min. of State for Land Omar, Shahjahan
Min. of State for Law, Justice, & Parliamentary Affairs Sattar, Ukil Abdus
Min. of State for Local Govt., Rural Development, & Cooperative Zia, Ziaul Haq
Min. of State for Post & Telecommunication Mollah, Ahsanul Huq
Min. of State for Power Tuku, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud
Min. of State for Religious Affairs Shahjahan, Mosharraf Hossain
Min. of State for Textile Sinha, Mizanur Rahman
Min of State for Science & Technology Azad, Lutfur Rahman Khan
Min. of State for Water Resources Chakravorty, Coutam
Min. of State Without Portfolio Islam, Quamrul, Maj., (Ret.)
Min. of State Without Portfolio Ahmed, Redwan
Min. of State for Youth & Sports Patal, M. Fazlur Rahman
Governor, Central Bank Farashuddin, Mohammed
Speaker of Parliament  
Ambassador to the US Karim, Ahmad Tariq
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Chowdhury, Iftekhar Ahmed, Dr.