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The 2004 Democratic Primary season is over. It was quicker and more decisive then anyone expected. What was expected to be Howard Dean's nomination to lose- turned out to be a victory lap for John Kerry.

Polls Braun(Withdrawn)
Iowa Caucus Clark(Withdrawn)
New Hampshire Primary Dean(Withdrawn)
Arizona Primary Edwards
Delaware Primary Gephardt (withdrawn)
Missouri Primary Kucinich
New Mexico Lieberman(withdrawn)
North Dakota Sharpton
South Carolina
Michigan Primary
Washington Caucus
Virginia Primary
Tennessee Primary
Washington DC Caucus
Nevada Caucus
Wisconsin Primary
Primary News

3/2/2004 Kerry sweeps Super Tuesday nomination race effectively ends

2/22 Nader announces he will run as an independant

2/ 18 Dean Withdraws

2/17- Kerry wins in Wisconsin- Edwards finishes second.

/2/11 Clark Withdraws endorses Kerry

2/10 Kerry Wins in Tennessee

2/10/2004 Kerry wins inVirginia

2/08/2004- Kerry wins in Maine

2/07/2004- Kerry wins in Michigan and Washington

2/03/2004- Kerry wins five of seven races

2/03/2004 Lieberman withdraws from race

1/27/2004 Kerry Wins Big in New Hampshire

1/20/2004 Richard Gephardt withdraws.

1/19/2004- Kerry Wins Big in Iowa, Edwards comes in second.

1/13/2004 Carol Mosely Braun Pulls out of race


Clark and Lieberman decide not to contest


Dean Decides not to accept Public funds

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