Warsaw Surrenders

Warsaw being bombed

The German army arrived at Warsaw on September 15th. The Poles had 140,000 troops in Warsaw to defend it. For two weeks they succeeded in holding off larger numbers of German troops. Constant shelling and artillery bombardment forced the city to surrender on September 30th


The Germans began their attack on Warsaw from the first day of the war. German bombers started their bombing campaign against the Polish capital on September 1, 1939. The Polish airforce started the war with 54 old fighter planes in Warsaw. They were initially successful in shooting down a significant number of German planes, but the shear magnitude of the German attacks were too great stop.

German forces reached the outskirts of Warsaw on September 15th and expected to quickly capture the city. However by now over 150,000 Polish soldiers were in Warsaw and defensive lines around the city had been created. The first German assault was against Praga on the other side of the Vistula but was successful repulsed. The German began massive bombing and artillery campaign against Warsaw. On September 22nd Warsaw’s last line of communication out of the city were cut. The Germans mounted a large scale attack on September 23 and it too was repulsed. On September 25th another assault was launched preceded with a 1200 bomber assault. It too was repulsed. On September 26th the outer forts defending the city fell. By now the state of civilian population had become perilous with no water and food rapidly dwindling. On September 26, Army Warsaw General Juliusz Rómmel, began surrender talks with the German. On September 30th Warsaw surrendered and German troops occupied the city.