June 14th Paris Falls

HItler in Paris
On June the French government evacuated Paris. The German army was soon flanking the capital. On June 14th the French declared Paris an open city and German troops marched in.


Once Dunkirk was captured the Germans turned southward. The French however, still hoped to stop the Germans at what was called the Weygand Line. The Line ran from the Channel along the rivers Somme and Aisne to the Maginot Line. Unfortunately the power of the German troops at this point were too strong to hold the line. Churchill traveled to Paris for an emergency war council and asked where was the strategic reserve, when he heard there was none, he knew that France was lost.

The German were stopped briefly by French attacks, but there were no troops to follow up on local victories. The Germans broke through French lines and continued heading South. ON June 10 the French government evacuated Paris, by the next day the German were flanking to the left and to right of Paris. On June 14th Paris was declared and open city, and soon German troops were streaming into Paris.