January 20th 1942 Wansee Conference

Wansee Estate
At a conference outside Berlin, representatives of the SS and other German government departments decided on the Final Solution for the Jewish people. The goal was to eliminate all of the Jews from Europe.


Wansee Conference took place outside Berlin on January 20th 1942. The conference was organized by Reinhard Heydrich and the agenda item of the meeting was the “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem”. Attending the meeting were: Otto Hoffman, Heinrich Muller, Dr Karl Schongarth, Dr Gerhard Klopfer, Adolf Eichman, Dr Rudolf Lange, Dr George Leibbrandt, Dr Alfred Meyer, Dr Yosef Butler, Dr Roland Freisler, Dr William Stuckart, Erich Neumann, Fredrich Kritzinger, and Martin Luther. They represented the Foreign Office, Justice Ministry, Interior Ministry, and the SS.

Heydrich opened the meeting and gave an overview of the number of Jews in Europe which he listed at 11,000,000 in two groups those under direct Germany control and those not yet under direct German control.

Heydrich stated:
“In the course of the final solution, the Jews should be brought under appropriate direction in a suitable manner to the East for labor utilization. Separated by sex, the Jews capable of work will be led into the these areas in large labor columns to build roads, whereby large par will fall away through natural reduction.

In the course of the practical implementation of the final solution, Europe will be combed from west to east.. If only because of the apartment shortage and other socio-political necessities the Reich area-including the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia will be placed ahead of the line. For the moment , the evacuated Jews will be brought bit by bit to so called transit ghettoes from there. “

The minutes of the meeting do not include any specific mention of how the Jews were to be eliminated, just that various methods were discussed.

Ten days later Adolf Hitler speaking at Sports Place in Berlin stated:

“The war will not end as the Jews image it will, namely with the uprooting of the Arayand, but the result of the war be the complete annihilation of the Jews.
Now for the first time they will not bleed other people to death, but for the first time the old Jewish law of an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth will be applied.

And world Jewry may as well know this- the further these battles spread, the more anti Semitism will spread. If will find nourishment in every prison camp and in every family when it discovers the ultimate reason for the sacrifices it has to make And the hour will come when the most evil universal enemy of all time will be finished, at least for a thousand years.