Democratic Convention1968

Demonstrators Outside the Democratic Convention

Violence outside marred the Democratic Convention, held in Chicago in August. Ten thousand demonstrators had come to Chicago to protest. Seven hundred were injured, and six hundred-fifty were arrested. The events outside the convention hall were covered widely on television.


The democratic party was divided over the War in Vietnam. Vice President Hubert Humphry and his supporters opposed unilateral concessions on the part of the United States without concessions from the North Vietnamese. Presidential candidate McCarthy and his supporters favored a peace plan. Since the Democratic National Convention was controlled by forces supporting Vice President Humphrey, the McCarthy peace plan was defeated.

Outside the convention hall in Chicago, Illinois, 10,000 demonstrators protested the Vietnam War. Violent confrontations developed between the police and demonstrators, and 700 protesters were injured by club-wielding police. Six hundred fifty demonstrators were arrested. These events were televised while the convention was taking place. The images of the Chicago Convention helped to strengthen the perception that the country was racked with violence.