President Kennedy Visits Europe

Kennedy in Berlin

President Kennedy made a truimphant visit to Europe. He visited West Germany and West Berlin, where he was met by a degree of enthusiasm usually reserved for a movie star. While in West Berlin stated" Ict Ben Berliner" I am a Berliner. He also visited his ancestral home, Ireland. While in Rome, John F. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, was greeted by the Pope as President Kennedy, Head of State. The trip took place between June 23- July 2, 1963.


June 23, 1963 Arrival in Bonn

June 25, 1963 Frankfurt meeting US Troops

June 26th, 1963 West Berlin

June 27 Ireland Dublin

June 28th Cork

June 29, 1963 Galaway, Shannon

June 30th England-

July 1, Rome

July 2 Vatican City

Visiting Ireland

Meeting the Pope