1959 Alaska Becomes 49th State

Juneau Alaska

On January 3, 1959, Alaska became the 49th state admitted to the Union.

In 1784 the first white settlement was established on Kodiak Island by Gregory
Shelkhov. In 1799 Shelikhov Russia American Company received the exclusive fur trading.
charter for Alaska, and the company establishes a fort at Sitka.
In 1804 Tlingit Indians storm the fort and kill 408 of the 450 defenders.
In 1867 The United States purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars.
The purchase is called Seward’s folly.
In 1880 Gold was discovered in Alaska near Juneau. In 1884 After successive administrations by the Army, Treasury Department and the Navy civilian administration is established in Alaska.
In 1900 Juneau became the capital of the state.
In 1902 Fairbanks was founded Wwhen gold was found in the Tanana River
Valley in 1912 Alaska became a US territory. In 1917 Mt. McKinley National Park was created.
During 1941-45 in World War II over $1 billion is spent in Alaska.
In 1942 as a feint for the Battle of Midway Attu and Kiska islands were seized by
the Japanese. In 1943 American troops retake the islands.