Nashel YTB-538


(YTB-538: dp. 237; 1. 100'; b. 26'; dr. 9'7" s. 12 k.; cpl. 10; cl. Hisada)

Nashel (YTB-538) was laid down by the Consolidated Ship Building Corp., Morris Heights, N.Y., 2 January 1945 Launched 7 April 1945; and placed in service 15 September 1945.

Nashel reported for duty in the 5th Naval District and remained there, providing towing services and assistance in berthing and docking, until ordered to Florida early in 1946. In March of that year, she was placed out of service and berthed at Green Cove Springs as a unit of the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. Reactivated in May of 1947, she remained in Florida to serve under the Commandant, 7th Naval District. With the dissolution of that district, 1 September 1948 Nashel was transferred, administratively, to the 6th Naomi District. Later reclassified as YTM-538, February 1962, she has, into 1970, continued to perform the various tasks of her type.