Larch YN-16


(YN-16: dp. 560; 1. 157'8"; b. 30'6"; dr. 10'6"; s. 14.5 k.
cpl.48; a. 1 3", 2.50 cal: AA, 1 Y-gun; cl. Aloe)

Larch (YN16) was laid down 18 October 1940 by Marietta Manufacturing Co., Point Pleasant, W. Va., launched 2 July 1941; and placed in service 13 December 1941, Lt. C. B. Coale, USNR, in command.

Atter shakedown, Larch was assigned to the 3d Naval District, and operated on ASW patrol out of New York harbor. Departing New York 12 April 1942, the net tender arrived Trinidad, 2 weeks later for patrol and net laying operations in the West Indies.

Laroh was placed in tull commission at Trinidad 13 December 1942, Lt. C. C. Dilcer in command and was reclassifled AN-21 on 20 January 1944. Playing a small but vital role, she laid, maintained, and removed antitorpedo and antisubmarine nets in the West Indies throughout World War II. On 10 January 1945, Larch helped salvage a Pan American Clipper which had crashed in the Gu1f of Paria, Venezuela, recovering six bodies and the plane fuselage.

Departing Trinidad 25 September, Laroh steamed toward Norfolk, arriving there 12 October. She operated out ot Norfolk until she decommissioned there 28 June 1948. She was struck from the Navy list 5 March 1947, and transferred to Turkey under the Military Assistance Program 10 May 1948. She serves the Turkish Navy as AG-4 (P-304)