Nottoway YT-18


(YT 18: dp. 187; 1. 81'5"; b. 18'10~"; dr. 8'5"; s. 10 k.; cpl.

Nottoway (YT 18) was built in 1891 as El Toro by Newport News Shipbulding .£ Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Va.; purchased from owner, Southern Pacific Railroad Co., 25 March 1898; and placed in service 2 April 1898 as Aceomac.

Purchased because of the impending war with Spain this tug assisted the naval vessels using the facilities at Key West, Florida during the brief ensuing war. Before the end of 1898 Accornao accompanied the occupation forces to Havana, Cuba.

Returning to the mainland in 1900 she served the fleet primarily at Pensscola, Florida until 1911. Reassigned to the Boston Navy Yard, she continued to perform faithfully her role in war and peace until struck from the Navy List in September 1945. Meanwhile her designation had undergone change first in 1918 to Nottoway (YT 18) and in 1942 merely to YT 18.